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Wearable tracking device for toddlers – How to choose the best?

As a parent, keeping an eye on your toddler at all times is impossible.  Toddlers as they grow become more curious about their surroundings and also used to wander off more often.  This can be a nightmare for parents, and restricting your child from doing so is not a good option.

So, to keep a track on your toddler and to know their exact location you can get a wearable tracker device for your child that will help you know his/her location instantly and also alerts you whenever they wander off outside the safe area.  Tracker device for toddlers are very useful for parents who want to ensure the safety of their loved ones.

In this buying guide I’m going to list out some of the most common features you should look out for on a tracking device.  This will help you in choosing the best wearable toddler tracker device.

What features to look for in a tracker device for toddler?

A wearable tracker device comes with different features and each have its own pros and cons, so one should choose it according to their needs.  Below are the most common things that you must look out for if you really want to buy the best tracker possible.

  • Size: Look out for a tracker that is small and compact, you don’t want to cause discomfort to your little ones.
  • Range: As toddlers wander off too often when you are out of their eyesight, you should choose a tracker that offers enough range.  A Bluetooth tracker has a range up to 25 meters.
  • Durability: Get a tracker that is strong enough and can withstand your child’s rough play.
  • Waterproof: Toddlers love playing in the rain and puddles, so get a tracker that is at least water resistant.
  • Geo-fence: This feature is a must on a toddler tracking device as it alerts you whenever your child leaves a safe zone.
  • Battery life: Choose a tracker device that offers maximum battery life so you don’t have to worry about it often.
  • Two-way voice: This feature lets you have voice call with tracker and also can listen-in your child’s voice.
wearable toddler tracker
Wearable Toddler Tracker

Should I get a tracking device for my toddler?

Beyond just installing toddler proof stair gates, kitchen bin, garden, bedroom, door locks, door handle, bunk bed ladder, TV stand etc. you should also get a toddler tracking device if you really want to ensure maximum safety for your baby.

Do I need GPS tracker for my toddler?

If you are going to leave your toddler at nursery or daycare and want to know the real-time location status then having a GPS toddler tracker is recommended.  Also note that GPS trackers are bigger in size and wearing it can cause discomfort to your child. So, go for pendant shaped GPS tracker as they are small and easy on your child or one that can be secured to your child’s belt.

Can I put a tracking chip on my child?

I know that you are really worried about your child’s safety but putting a tracking chip in your child is currently not possible and is illegal as well. Doing so can cause injuries to your toddler so avoid them at any cost.  With so many tracking technologies available you can always opt for something like a GPS child tracker device.


It can be a frightening experience for parents to find their toddler missing and out of their eyesight.  To avoid any such circumstances and to keep your child safe from any harm, it is recommended to use tracking device for toddlers that will help you know where your little one is.