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Wearable Activity Tracking Devices – Buy the right one!

Few years back you wouldn’t find many companies offering fitness tracking devices and you also won’t find many using them.  However, now things were changed. The demand for such fitness activity tracker devices are quite high. Therefore, many popular brands have started releasing fitness bands for their customers.

A fitness tracker is useful for those, who likes to keep a tab on their day-to-day physical activities and health without too much hassle.  Wearing a fitness band helps you monitor your heart rate, step count, calories burnt, sleep pattern, etc.  We can therefore have more information about our health right in our hand than ever before.

When it comes to choosing the best fitness tracker, you will find hundreds of different ranges from different brands available in the market.  Therefore, you can definitely find one that suits your need.  However, having so many different varieties makes it harder to the user in picking the right one.

So, how does one choose the Fitness activity tracker that is most accurate and best? Following are the things you should consider looking for on a fitness tracker device before buying one.

Does design of fitness tracker really maters?

When you are looking for fitness bands, you’ll come across two types – traditional and smartwatches.  A traditional type fitness band is small and looks cool like a bracelet, they are lightweight as well.  Smartwatch style fitness trackers look similar to a wrist watch with larger digital display that lets you do more besides just fitness tracking.  Bigger screen size also helps you to see all your stats clearly.

Design factor is personal while choosing a wearable fitness tracker and it varies from person to person.  So, unless you are super conscious about what you wear, we recommend that you give more importance to its features than to its design and how it looks.

How much Battery life is good for fitness trackers?

You can go for a fitness tracker that has the longest battery life.  Battery life typically varies from tracker to tracker, and it depends on your usage as well.  Some fitness trackers with larger display uses more battery power than those with smaller screens.  A traditional type fitness band lasts anywhere between one week to a month.  However, a smartwatch type fitness tracker will give you an expected battery life of 1-3 days.

There are also fitness trackers that claim to offer up to a year of battery life.  According to us, a fitness tracker that lasts at least a week on single charge is typically a good choice.

wearable fitness activity tracker
Fitness Activity Tracker

Which screen size should I go for?

Screen size preference is user’s choice.  You can go for fitness tracker with smaller screen if you want your device to look sleek and compact.  But they do not let you respond to alerts and not easy to read texts as well.  Meanwhile a large touch screen will display all your data and also lets you interact with the fitness tracker.

Battery life of a fitness band hugely depend on its screen size so do keep that in mind before buying one.

Do I need a waterproof fitness tracker?

Waterproof wearable activity tracker is hugely useful for those who surf and swim while wearing it.  Every popular brand now offers their fitness tracker with waterproof feature, nevertheless that doesn’t mean you can submerge with it for hours.  The waterproof resistance level varies with each device, so check before use.

Do you need GPS on a fitness tracker?

A GPS on a fitness tracker helps with tracking your distance, routes, speed and other metrics. There are two types of fitness trackers available – one with built-in GPS and one with Connected GPS.

If you want to use your fitness tracker without phone, then get one with built-in GPS.  Fitness trackers without a built-in GPS simply uses phone’s sensor to provide workout stats, so you must carry your smartphone everywhere you go.

To find which fitness tracker have built in GPS simply check its features list.  You should also note that not all smartwatches have built-in GPS.

Fitness tracker compatibility

If you want to stay connected on the move with all your calls, text messages, notifications and apps, then choosing a fitness tracker that is compatible with your phone’s operation system is necessary.  There are fitness activity trackers from many popular brands that are compatible with Android, iOS and Windows phone. So, choose one that suits your need.

How much do I need to spend on a Fitness activity tracker?

You can spend as little as $30 for a standard fitness tracker band to anywhere up to $600 for a fully featured smartwatch.  An inexpensive fitness tracker is best suited for most users. However, what you pay is what you get, so the features and quality you get on a fitness tracker depends on it cost.

Is there a fitness tracker or smart watch that monitors blood pressure?

A very common question that I get often is – Do fitness trackers measure blood pressure? Yes, there are fitness trackers that can do that, but how accurate the readings are is debatable.  I would not recommend you to solely rely on the readings taken on a fitness activity tracker.


Whether you’re a beginner or a professional who likes to stay motivated with the workout routine and also likes to monitor all your daily activities, then this great little gadget will help you to keep a tab on everything with ease.