Tracking Devices

TruTrak Pro – FMT100+ Tracker Device: The Ultimate Tool for Precision Monitoring

TruTrak Pro FMT100+ is a real time vehicle tracking device that lets you track your car, bike, van, caravan etc with ease.

How does TruTrak work?

The tracker comes loaded with 14 days of free use and communication. Once installed, tracking begins immediately. Top-ups can be purchased and applied at any time, making it completely flexible to use.

Features of TruTrak Pro – FMT100+ Tracker Device

  • The easiest installation ever. Simply loosen the battery clamps and connect your GPS tracking device. Instructions and a link to the installation video are also included with the delivery.
  • This is not just about purchasing the device; the SIM card and the entire system are included in the price. The app and website are created and maintained by TruTrak Ltd using Google Maps. Therefore, you’ll get the best of security and privacy with the device. Device is compatible with TruTrak only and it cannot be used with any other third-party platforms.
  • After purchase, activation can be easily done through their website or directly calling their support staff.
  • Use it free for 14 days from the day you install the device. Then easily top up from £4.72 per month online or through their support team. All alerts and all features are included in the price. No extra contracts or no direct debits.
  • Experts will assist you with installation to setting up your account for alerts and other features, so you can start tracking without much hassle.
  • Supported on Android, iPhone, MAC and PC.
  • Covering 176 countries including the UK and across Europe this tracking device offers a comprehensive coverage for your vehicle anywhere across the globe.

Battery life of TruTrak Pro – FMT100+

Reliable and long-lasting battery life means your device maintains consistent performance even on long journeys without the need for frequent charging.

In summary, the TruTrak FMT100+ GPS tracker is a fantastic device that impresses in every way. Its unmatched tracking accuracy, advanced features, user-friendly interface, and reliable battery life make it an excellent choice for vehicle monitoring. Its long lifespan and excellent customer support further solidify its position as the leading real-time vehicle tracker.