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Truck Tracking Device – Track your commercial freight trucks easily

If you own a freight trucking business then knowing about your vehicles whereabouts in real-time is highly necessary to keep track of your expensive trucks and also to make sure that they are not used for illegal activities.  You also want to make sure that the truck is traveling to the place that it is actually meant to be.

Having a truck tracking device helps you to know the exact location of your truck in real time.  Once installed in your freight trucks you can also get various other information’s like fuel monitoring, distance traveled, stops and average speed. Most trackers support both Android and iOS therefore can be tracked easily using your smartphone.

Which truck tracking device is the best?

There are many different types of truck trackers available in the market today, so narrowing down on one tracker as the best is not possible.  Each has its own pros and cons hence you should choose a tracker that best fits your needs.  However, I can give you the list of important features you should consider looking for in a truck tracking device before you consider buying one.

  • Live tracking: Choose a tracking system that supports live tracking and allows you to manage your vehicles 24 x 7 without interruptions.
  • Real-Time alerts: This feature alerts you every time your truck crosses the designated landmark, speeding or idling on the same place for longer period.
  • Truck Maintenance Reminder: With this feature you can setup maintenance schedules for your truck and receive reminders when in due.
  • Tracking logs: Choose a tracker service that offers to store truck’s history and activities for at least six months.
  • Geo-Fencing: This feature gives you the ability to assign each truck to its own specified Geo Area.

How can truck tracking system stop fuel theft?

Fuel theft is a great threat to trucking business and can cause greater loss to the owners.  With a truck tracking system placed in the vehicle you can remotely monitor the distance traveled by your truck and calculate the fuel balance in the tank with the reported mileage by the driver.  Therefore, having a GPS tracking system is a good strategy to protect your truck from fuel theft.

truck tracking
Truck Tracking

Types of Truck trackers:

There are two major types of GPS truck trackers available in the market.  Plug in GPS truck tracker and Hardwired GPS truck tracker.

Plug in GPS tracker: This is the most common and popular tracker device you’d find in the most vehicles.  They are easy to install and can be swapped to different vehicles easily.  You just plug it into the on-board diagnostics (OBD-II) port and you are ready to go.

The main drawback of plug in type tracker device is that it can be easily tampered or removed even though some comes with alert function.

Hardwired GPS tracker: If you need more secure way of tracking then hardwired GPS tracker is the best.  They are waterproof, rugged and can be hidden anywhere in your truck.  It also comes with back up battery and internal antenna for extra efficiency.

How much does GPS Truck tracking device cost?

A GPS truck tracker Plug-in or Hardwired are mostly contract based.  Therefore, if you subscribe for yearly plans you can get the GPS tracker device for free. You can opt for monthly plans as well but you might need to pay extra for the tracker device.  The average monthly subscription starts at $22 and increases based on the service you needed.


When it comes to freight trucks, you cannot take risk.  To know its real-time location and other important stats of your vehicle installing a reliable and quality GPS tracker device on to your truck is highly recommended.