Tracking Devices

Trak-4 – A GPS Tracker with Email and Text Alerts

Trak 4 is a GPS tracking device that lets you track your luggage, handbags, laptops, vehicles, trucks, boats etc.  Its tiny form factor makes it easy to carry with you anywhere and also easy to fix it in your vehicle or anything you like to be tracked. Since the tracking device is weatherproof you can use it for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

Battery life and Charging feature

The Trak4 GPS tracker device comes with built-in 4600 mAh rechargeable battery with micro-USB charging port for charging. There is no charger but only the USB cable that comes with the tracker device. Therefore you need to buy one or you can easily use your typical mobile charger. You can also use a portable power bank if you wanted to extend the battery life of the tracker.

A fully charged Trak4 tracker device provides up to 18 months of usage with daily tracker reporting.  However if you need a 2-minute or 15-minute or hourly tracking report, then you can expect the battery life to drop pretty quickly, but still manageable for months to few weeks.

Does Trak4 comes with SIM Card?

Trak4 tracker device does comes with a sim card that is embedded within the device which works well with all top level cellular network coverage.  This tracker device is particularly optimized to work within the USA, so if you are planning to use it outside the USA then the tracker might not work as intended.

Trak4 like any other GPS tracker device is a subscription based one.  You cannot use it without the monthly subscription. You can opt for $6.99 a month annually paid or $12.99 monthly paid subscription.

There is no contract or activation or cancellation.  Therefore you can use it whenever you wanted by just paying the subscription fee.

Which app is used for tracking?

There is no app as such for Android or iPhone.  However, the company does have a web-app that is optimized for desktop and mobile devices. You can also find the instructions on how to add an icon to your iPhone or Android home screen that launces the web-app instantly without you having to open the browser every time.

You can also track multiple trak4 units on the same map.  Which means you can track all your devices fixed with trak4 GPS tracker in a single place.

Get alerts via Email and Text

Trak4 tracker device supports both email and text alerts.  Therefore whenever your valuables enter or exit a selected geofence area you’ll get alert to your email id and phone number. And you will also get alerts whenever your trackers battery percentage drops below 20%, provided the battery level alert is turned on.

Does Trak4 works when there is no GPS?

Whenever your device goes into a no GPS location like inside a building or subway.  The Trak-4 tracker will then use the available Wi-Fi and cell-trilateration to provide you with the exact location of your device. So even when your device is out of the view of the sky you can still track it easily.

How to install it on a vehicle?

You can easily install the trak-4 GPS tracker on to your vehicle using Zip ties or screws. If you wanted you can also use Velcro.  There is also a different product called Trak4 MAG which comes with strong magnets that lets you mount the tracker under your vehicle easily.

Alternatively you can also apply adhesive magnets to your standard Trak4 GPS tracker and then mount it onto your vehicle.

You can also hard wire the tracker device if wanted using a DC to DC step down buck converter adapter.  However please note that it might void the warranty of the unit.