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Tracking Devices for Kids : Know where your child is?

The most difficult part of parenting is to keep track of your child when you’re engaged with other activities.  It is always not possible for a parent to know the whereabouts of their kids especially if he/she is working and likes to get up to date location details of their child.  And with child trafficking in rise keeping track of kids has now become the most challenging part of parenthood.

If you wish to know where your child is, then using a tracking device would definitely come in handy.  Whether your child is traveling alone, on a school trip with friends, or be it on a family vacation, having a GPS enabled tracking device for kids would give you peace of mind.

There are several kids tracking devices available today that without being too intrusive lets you know the real time location of your child.  Tracking devices for kids comes in various designs that looks like wearable bracelet, watches, clips, jewelry, GPS collar etc., hence you can even use it as a hidden tracking device and most of them are lightweight and can last for a day or two on a single charge.

Dedicated GPS tracking device vs Tracking APPS

When it comes to tracking devices for kids you’ll find two different versions a dedicated GPS enabled device like a GPS-watch or a simple tracking app that you can install from a Google or iOS app store.

Should I Buy a dedicated GPS device or Install an app on my child’s smartphone? The decision should be purely based on your needs.

tracking devices for kids

Tracking apps for kids

A simple mobile app will help you track your kids in real time provided he/she has a smartphone and is big enough to know how to use it. However, there are also some drawbacks when it comes to tracking apps, like it is not useful for kids below the age of five or for kids with autism.  And also, if your child is like someone that wanders off too often and mischievous then he/she might find a way to turn around the app to stop the tracking, so here a dedicated tracking device for kids with anti-tamper feature would be useful.

Most of the tracking apps available today are subscription based and are less expensive when compared to a dedicated GPS enable tracking device, but you might spend extra money to buy a smartphone for your kid.

Dedicated Child GPS tracker

Now there are several kid-friendly dedicated tracking devices available in the market today, some are with features like Geo-fencing, two-way voice communication, tamper alert, SOS mode etc. You can choose one with features that are most vital to you.  Some of the things you should consider before buying a dedicated GPS tracking device for your kids are as below: 

  • Usability:  Since you are going to use the device for kids, it’s important to see that it is easy to use and doesn’t come with complicated operations.  Some of the trackers available in the market also comes with age range, so buy one that is appropriate to your child’s age.
  • Design:  Always buy a tracking device that is durable and can withstand anything your kids dish out.  You can also go for devices that are waterproof, but you might find it little more expensive.  Finally go for a tracker that is comfortable, compact and lightweight.
  • Features:  You should choose a tracker based on the features that you needed the most.  Some of the most significant features you should look for in a GPS kids tracker are Geo-fencing or safety zones, range, accuracy, real-time tracking, and SOS button.  You can also buy a tracker with anti-tamper feature for more security.
  • Battery Life:  Always go for a tracker that holds charge at least for a day.  A tracker that requires frequent charging hinders the benefits of having it.
  • Price:  First you need to pay up front for the dedicated GPS tracker device, and thereafter should pay monthly or yearly subscription fees based on the feature you want to opt for.


I have read a lot of parents complaining on the internet and to me personally about the security of their kids when they are away.  To them, I would say that buying a tracking device is the best choice to make.  All it takes is few minutes to set up the device and you are good to go.  Also, be sure to explore the varieties of different tracking devices for kids and its features before finalizing on one.