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Tracking Devices for Cars – Active, Passive or Hidden

For those who love cars, and someone who always take extra care of it, there’s always some distrustful feelings in their heart about its safety.  However, with today’s latest advanced technological capabilities you can make sure that your favorite and expensive car is safe and also be tracked about its whereabouts.  There are several small and cheap tracking devices for cars available in the market today, which you can equip in your cars to better manage its location in real time, no matter where you are.

Whether you are a business owner or an individual, keeping track of your cars lets you make sure they are safe.  One way to do that is to buy a vehicle GPS tracking device for your cars.  It lets you manage the fleet of cars you own as a business owner and lets you know that your employees are at the right place you want them to be.  For individuals, you can keep track of your elderly parents or teenagers and make sure they are safe from any harm.  Another important factor to fix a tracking device in your car is to improve the chances of recovering it if in case it gets stolen.

If you go in to the market searching for the latest tracking devices for cars, you’d come across wide range of different car tracking devices available in different shapes, size and also with plenty full of wide features.  You’ll need to find one that fits your need and budget.  However, its easy said than done.  It’s not an easy task to pick one and fix it in your car and you are good to go.  You should do some research to ensure that the tracking device you buy for your car is appropriate and fulfill the needs you required.

Before we get in to different varieties of car tracking devices, we’ll first look in to the working structure of it.  Normal commercial car tracking devices working procedure is relatively simple as it uses a GPS transmitter (Global Positioning System) to lock the location of the car, just like you’d be able to do it in your mobile phone on google maps.  The GPS tracking devices for cars uses a process called “Trilateration”, which the receiver uses to determine its relative position on earth from three points(signals) it gets from three satellites, it also helps to establish the speed and elevation of the cars as well.  Some GPS tracking devices for cars equipped with cellular networks can also send real-time update to your computer or mobile phones.

tracking devices for carsWhich GPS Tracking Device Should I Buy?

That’s not an easy question to answer, but if you know the purpose and reason for you to use a tracking device for your car, then its simple to find one.  To note, not all GPS tracking devices are created equal.  There is a specific one for everyone’s need.  The most commonly found GPS trackers in the market are either “Active” or “Passive”.  Their functionalities are basically the same, including data collection and accuracy, except time.

Active GPS Tracking Devices for Cars

An active tracking device for your car lets you know the location of your vehicle in “real-time”, thus its name active.  You can easily watch the cars movements on your computer or mobile phone instantly.  Therefore, an active GPS tracking device is best for business owners who owns fleet of cars and want to improve the quality and safety of their service.  The other important feature of an active tracker is “geo-fence”, an alert-based function that lets you know when your cars enters or exists a predetermined location, a function best used to prevent theft and identify stolen vehicles.  Live GPS tracking devices are expensive and requires monthly or yearly subscription fee.

Passive GPS Tracking Devices for Cars

A passive tracking device mostly comes with every functionality of an active tracker, except the real-time location update feature.  Once you fix it in your car, all data are stored on the device, and if you want to retrieve the information you must remove it from the vehicle and plug it in to your computer or laptop in order to view it.  These type of tracking devices are best for people who want minimal information and use their vehicle only for personal purpose or to spy someone.

The passive GPS tracking devices are tiny compared to active ones, hence you can use it as a hidden tracking device for cars.  Some passive trackers also lack storage space, so you might want that to take it into consideration as well.  However, when it comes to price passive GPS trackers are easier on your wallet.  You can easily buy one without paying much and it requires minimum set-up as well.  Also, no subscription fee is required.


To know what happens to your car when you are not behind the wheel, then installing a GPS tracking device is an easy and viable option.  Using a tracking device not only protects the vehicle but also the driver.  Therefore, before you rush into buying one ensure that the tracker provides all the protection you needed and fits in your budget as well.