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Tracking device for swimmers – What to look for?

If you are a competitive swimmer, then it is very important to keep track on all your progresses.  Using a stopwatch or chart to track are now outdated.  Today you can pretty much track everything right from pace, total time, distance and stroke rates with a simple wearable smart tracking device.

In market you will find different kinds of wearable activity tracking smartwatches, that lets you view all your stats in one place instantly.  You can also share your swim laps or rest time with your friends by syncing the tracker device with your smartphone. Most swim watches are lightweight and you won’t feel like that you are wearing one.

Picking the right swim tracker is when the trouble starts.  With so many variables available, choosing the right one is quite difficult.  Without mentioning any brand, we are in this article going to give an idea of certain things you should look out for while buying the best fitness tracker for swimming.

Must have features in a fitness tracking device for swimming

If you are going to use a fitness tracker for swimming purpose then below are some of the things you must look out for.

  • Size:  A fitness tracker that is lighter and compact is always better.  You do not want to feel the burden on your wrist while swimming.
  • Volume: Choose a fitness tracker or smartwatch that has good volume, so that you can hear any notification beeps and alarms while swimming.
  • Waterproof rating: Any fitness tracker with at least IP68 rating shows how effective it will be in withstanding under water activities.
  • Smart notifications: If you are going to sync your tracker with your smartphone then this feature is very important which lets you get alerts on calls, messages, and other app notifications.
  • GPS:  If you are an outdoor swimmer and like to track your route, speed and distance traveled, then GPS function on a tracker is necessary.
  • Battery life:  Most smartwatches or fitness trackers come with rechargeable battery which can last for a week or two based on your usage.  If you can find a tracker that have a replaceable battery, then it’s a big plus as it can last up to six months so there’s no frequent charging required.
  • Other features:  A tracker that monitors heart rate, calories burned, steps, sleep time, pace, stroke rate, laps, swim distance is a preferred choice.
  • Price: A good tracking device for swimming costs somewhere around $50 to $100.  However, a quality smartwatch would cost anywhere between $200 to $500.
Fitness Tracker for Swimming

Which Fitness Tracker is best for swimming?

As a swimmer you are going to spend most of your time in water, so a fitness tracker with the highest waterproof rating is best suited for your needs.  You should get a pool-friendly smartwatch or tracker with waterproof rating of at least IP68, which lets you submerge up to 1.5m for maximum thirty minutes.

You can also go for fitness trackers that has built-in GPS function, which is great for open water swims for tracking speed, route and distance.  Other than that, a GPS tracker can be used for other sports as well like hiking, cycling, running etc.

Is there a fitness tracker dedicated for swimming?

You may not find a fitness tracker that is especially designed for swimmers. However, most sports smartwatches from top brands can be worn while swimming, and can measure all your swimming metrics easily.

What is the best smartwatch tracker for swimming?

A wearable smartwatch that is waterproof and that comes with built-in GPS is best for swimmers.  With smartwatches you will be able to track your day-to-day activity and also read your phone’s notifications right on your watch screen easily.

Are all fitness trackers waterproof and good for swimming?

No, not all fitness trackers are waterproof therefore you cannot use them for swimming purposes.  Some fitness trackers that says waterproof are merely sweat proof or splash proof, hence cannot be used for swimming purposes.


Whether you are in to competitive swimming or someone who does it occasionally as workout, having a wearable tracking device is highly recommended to monitor all your activities and will help motivate you to meet your goals.