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Tracking device for keys – How to never lose your keys?

Whether it’s at home, office or while traveling, there is higher probability for people to misplace their keys.  Be it your house, cars, or safety lockers, if you are someone who had been in that situation before, you know how frustrating it is to search for the keys.  It’s even more stressful if you had misplaced them when you had to hurry off for an office meeting or doctor’s appointment.

Fortunately, there are devices that helps you find lost keys pretty easily.  A Bluetooth key tracker is a device that lets you locate your keys right from your smartphone by simply attaching the tracker to the keys and installing the relevant app on the phone.  The best part of the key tracker’s available in the market today is they are compact and doesn’t feel like you have had attached one to your keys. And they are pretty cheap as well.

Before you rush into buying a tracking device for your keys, there are certain things you need to look in for.  A good quality key tracker will last for years, so read along to learn more about how to find the right one.

How a key locator device works?

Before we get in to the shopping advice, I want you to know about how a simple device that’s attached to your keys lets you locate it accurately every time. A key finder or tracker is mostly Bluetooth operated and lets you track your misplaced keys that are in short to medium range distance, mostly between 30 to 100 feet depending upon the device.

Once you have attached the tracker device to your keys (via key ring) you then need to install the free app that is provided by the tracker company on to your smartphones (iOS or Android).  Now you need to activate the device and pair it with your phone, once done you are ready to go.  Some of the key finder devices available also lets you find your lost keys even when they are beyond the Bluetooth operating range with the help of its integrated global networks.

  • Drawbacks: To ensure that your keys are findable always you need to keep your Bluetooth on all the time, hence drains your phone’s battery fairly quickly. Since it does not use live GPS technology to track keys, anything outside of Bluetooth range is pretty hard to track.

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Shop for the best tracking device for keys

If you search for best tracking device to find your keys you’ll come across hundreds of different tracking devices from different companies. Before you purchase one you need to determine what task it want to fulfill and the functions that it should have. I’ve listed some of the basic things you need to look for in a tracking device for keys.

  • Key Finder Size: Always choose a tracker that is compact, you definitely don’t want your pants to look terrible with bulging pockets.  Moreover, a smaller tracking device is helpful if you want to attach it to your kid’s locker keys.
  • Durability: Since many won’t handle their keys with care and simply throw it on the desk, sofa etc., it is advisable to look out for a key finder that can withstand daily wear and tear.  Probably a key finder that is made up of aluminum body lasts long.
  • Features: As always feature vary with every tracker device, so you should look for one that meets your needs.  Loud ringer is the most essential feature for a Bluetooth tracking device for keys, it lets you find the hidden stuffs easily.  Reverse finder is another feature that lets you find your misplaced phone by just pressing the key tracker. Map view is also an important feature to see the key’s last known location. Finally look for a tracker device that features with a bright LED notification for easier detecting your keys even in low-light conditions.
  • Battery Life: In terms of battery life most key finder devices are designed to last for six months to an entire year.  Some of them actually has non-replaceable battery and once it dies you eventually have to get a new one.  However, there are some trackers that comes with user-replaceable battery.  If you don’t want to constantly replace your key finder device every year, then probably buy one with removable battery.
  • Price: Most Bluetooth key trackers are available in the price range of $25 to $50.  You can also buy Chinese key trackers for cheaper prices but I cannot guarantee its quality.


Unless you want to spend your time finding your misplaced keys, I strongly suggest buying a high-quality tracking device for keys.  With only a few minutes to setup, it would definitely serve its purpose and saves you from unnecessary frustrations.