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Never Lose Your Wallet Again with Wallet Tracker

However conscious you are, there are times when you leave your wallet behind.  It is such a disturbing situation and with the things that we keep in our wallet like credit cards, insurance cards, driver’s license and other important personal information inside it, some might even get a panic attack sensing that their wallet might have been stolen.

Besides lost money, the most annoying thing about losing the wallet is that of cancelling and reordering new cards, updating with the banks, and most importantly worrying about identity theft.

Now that there are many ways you can follow to get back your wallet once it’s gone missing. In this article I’m going to rather talk about tracker device that will help you safeguard your wallet from being stolen or from misplacement.

Find your wallet with wallet tracker

Tracker devices are now becoming popular among people for its usefulness.  Just like there are trackers for keys, phone, luggage etc., there are also tracker device for wallets available in the market today.

Wallet trackers are available in different forms including in the shape of a credit card.  You can just slip one into your wallet and forget it.  Most of the wallet tracking device utilizes Bluetooth technology for tracking and you can locate it by using the tracker app in your phone.

How a wallet tracker works?

Once you have attached the tracker to your wallet and paired it with the app on your phone, you can then easily find things whenever you’re within the Bluetooth range. You can use the tracker app in your phone to ring the tracker so that you can find your misplaced wallet easily.

Whenever you are out of the Bluetooth range, you can still use the tracker app to find out the last known location of your wallet on a map.  This gives you an idea where you’ve last left your wallet and hence helping with your search operation.

There is also a feature named community search or integrated global network which most of the popular wallet tracker manufacturers offer.  It lets you find your wallet even when the wallet is out of your reach with the help of the people that are in the tracker community.

If someone from the tracker community comes across your wallet the tracker will then communicate its location to their phone, and you will receive the updated location on your phone or email instantly. But this feature works only until the wallet tracker runs out of battery.

What is the best wallet tracker?

As always there is no one particular wallet tracker that is perfect for everyone.  There are plenty of varieties available in the market and you need to choose one that fits your requirements.  I’ll list some of the features that you want in a good wallet tracker.

  • Size: The very first thing you need to look out for when shopping for a wallet tracker is its size.  You can’t slip a tracker that is in the size of a USB drive in to your wallet, hence go for slim sized wallet tracker preferably a credit card shaped.
  • Durability: Since the wallet is kept in your back pocket every day, it is recommended to look out for a wallet tracker that is made up of high-quality material which protects it from becoming damaged.
  • Battery Life: Most wallet trackers last for at least a year.  If you’ve the replaceable battery type wallet tracker then you can easily change the battery once it runs low, but if you have the built-in type wallet tracker then the only option you are left with is to buy a new tracker. Some manufacturer’s does offer discounts while replacing their trackers with the newer one.

I would however recommend you to get a wallet tracker that is either rechargeable or one with a replaceable battery.

Wallet Tracker

Wallet with built-in tracker

There are wallets that you can track without any extra devices attached to it.  They come integrated with Bluetooth tracker and built-in rechargeable battery as well. It looks just like a traditional wallet but has all the features of a dedicated tracker.


If you are fed up with leaving your wallet behind all the time or want to protect it from being stolen, then a wallet tracker is a good choice.  Besides using a wallet finder, you can also slip in your QR personal card which contains your phone number and contact information in it so if someone honest finds it, they can contact you easily.