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How to track your lost or stolen Cell Phone?

Losing cell phone can be a nightmare situation for many, as today we store almost everything right from our personal photos, contacts to bank account details on it, therefore it is important to get the phone back in time before anyone misuses it.

So how do we do it? Unlike keys, wallets or luggage., a cell phone actually doesn’t require you to attach any separate tracking devices to it as the phone already comes equipped with everything that required for tracking.

How do you track an Android phone location?

There are many ways to find a lost or stolen phone and the very first way is through Android device manager feature, provided you own an Android smart phone (we’ll talk about tracking iPhone’s later). Almost every new android phone comes with this feature enabled by default.  If your phone has it enabled then you can easily track your phone location by accessing the Android device manager web portal.

Once you’ve accessed the web portal you need to login to your google account which you used it on your lost or stolen android phone.  After successful login you could see your phone listed in it and also able to view the phones current location.  If you think you’ve misplaced your phone somewhere nearby then you can ring it at full volume which helps you find your phone.

If you believe that someone might have stolen your cell phone then you can change your lock screen with a new password so that your phone becomes inaccessible.  In addition, you can also erase all your data’s remotely with a single click.

The main drawback of this method is that you can do all of the above-mentioned tasks only when your phone is connected to the internet with location enabled.

You can also use google location history to know your phones last active location if you have location history turned on.  Using a GPS tracking application can also help you track your android phone, but this method only works if you have downloaded such an application on to your cell phone beforehand.

How do you track an iPhone location?

There are several ways to track your lost iPhone’s location.  I’ve listed some of them below:

     Find My iPhone:  It is an app from Apple that uses iCloud service to find the location of your lost or stolen iPhone.  If your iPhone has this feature enabled you can play sound, change passcode, lock or delete all data’s remotely from a different phone or browser. With this app you can also know your iPhone’s last active location.

    Apple Watch: This method is useful for finding your misplaced phone inside a set location and only works if your iPhone and apple watch were both synchronized.

    GPS tracking application: You can also track your iPhone if you’ve had installed a GPS tracking application on it.  With such applications you can take photos remotely, make your phone ring, and track the activity of your iPhone.

phone tracking device
Lost or Stolen Phone Tracking

Phone case with tracking device:

There are new phone cases available in the market for both iPhone and Android with built-in trackers which lets you find your lost phone instantly.  Some tracker phone cases also have live GPS tracking module built into it that allows you to see real-time movement of your phone. Additionally, some of the phone cases with tracking device has built-in battery that gives extra additional power to your phone at vital situations.


I hope the above-mentioned ways helped you in finding your lost or stolen phone. Besides you can also call your network operator and provide them with your lost or stolen phone’s IMEI number and ask them to block your phone.