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Backpack Tracking Device – Never lose your backpack again!

As someone who travels around frequently, I always encountered different situations that makes me mad, the most annoying of all is losing my backpack.  I as a solo traveler hate packing things in a huge luggage and always prefer backpacks as it is easy to carry around anywhere you go.

I was in a situation once where I left my backpack at a park table and went for a little walk and when I returned, I couldn’t find it.  Even though I tracked it down later, it was like a nightmare situation for me as I had kept my passport, laptop, DSLR and wallet inside the backpack.

To save yourself from such events it is advisable to have a tracker device for your backpack.  There are different types of trackers available in the market which you could put it in your backpack and travel around safely.  Here I’m going to talk about the types of trackers available and things you should look out for in a tracker for backpack

Types of Backpack trackers

The two most common types of tracker devices available for backpacks are Bluetooth and GPS enabled trackers.

Bluetooth Backpack tracker: This type of tracker is Bluetooth enabled and can be clipped on to your backpack easily.  It also alerts when you move too far away from your backpack.  Bluetooth backpack trackers are cost effective and comes with long lasting battery.  Since it uses Bluetooth technology you cannot track your backpack beyond certain distance and therefore no real-time tracking is possible.

GPS Backpack tracker: If you want real-time tracking then GPS tracker is the best one.  It offers longer range and higher accuracy.  You can easily track your backpack location from anywhere right from your smartphone.  Most GPS tracker for backpacks available are subscription based hence costlier compared to Bluetooth trackers but more efficient.

How to buy the best Backpack tracker?

Before you go out and buy a tracker device for your backpack check for the below mentioned features in it which you might find useful.

  • Size: Choosing the right sized tracker device is a must. You don’t want your backpack to look bulky, hence choose one that is compact, lightweight and easy to carry around.
  • GPS boundary: This feature alerts you automatically whenever your backpack crosses a set boundary.  It is very useful while traveling to crowded places.
  • Location accuracy: A tracker with high quality chip offers highest location accuracy, which provides extra safety to your backpack.  So, look for one with this feature.
  • Battery life: Select a backpack tracker device that comes with longest battery life, so you won’t have to worry about it dying suddenly.  It is recommended to choose a tracker that comes with rechargeable battery.
Backpack Tracker

GPS tracker for kid’s backpack

There are many kid-friendly trackers available in the market today. You can clip the device to your kid’s backpack to know your child’s whereabouts in real-time.  Kids backpack tracker also comes with features like geofencing that alerts parents when their child wanders outside the designated area.

Backpacks with built-in trackers

Beside buying a separate tracker device for your backpack, there are companies that offers smart backpacks with built-in trackers.  These new innovative backpacks alert the owner when someone tries to steal things from the bag and also activates the alarm when you move beyond certain distance away from your backpack.

They also come with other features like power bank, usb charging port, security lock and GPS locator.


We always spend time to find the perfect backpack, but how do we keep it safe from getting lost or stolen? The simple solution is to find the right backpack tracker device. They come in different size and shapes, and with several useful features, so get one to never lose your backpack again.